What Are You Feeling?

What just happened?

Did it feel good, or did it feel a little crunchy and start some stress-knots forming around your neck?

Were you “there” when it happened, or thinking of something else?

Is a man taking up so much bandwidth in your heart and mind that you forget all the OTHER things you want?

Are you putting off “fun” because of Coronatimes, or feeling “tired,” or just from losing your dearly-fought-for imagination?

We’re all in this right now. It’s as though the screen of life has frozen, and we’re faced with looking in the mirror, instead.

It’s only us to look at, feel, experience. Used to be “sometimes” – and now it’s “a lot of the time.”

The thing is, now’s also a very good time to begin to remember who you are.

The experience of the truth of you is somewhere under layers of “have-tos” and distractions that aren’t even all that entertaining.

It feels so foreign and unacceptable to take a moment and experience yourself.

Yet, once you try it, and then get into the habit, checking in with YOU starts to actually feel kind of…exhilarating.

You may find you like stuff you didn’t think you liked, want stuff you didn’t know you wanted, and have a slightly different idea about what you treasure than you had a moment before.

Let me know what you find!’

Love, Rori

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Rori Raye