What If You’re a Natural Coach?

The Only Way To Know If Being “The Coach” Is Your Next, Most Natural “Life Chapter” Is To Experience What it Feels Like…

When we talk privately over video Zoom, you’ll get a real sense of what RRRCT and “The Rori Raye Method Of Coaching” is like – and how it would feel to actually USE The Modern Siren Tools to help other women.

The most amazing part of Training to be a coach using the Rori Raye Method and Modern Siren Tools is how it affects YOU!  Once you start thinking of yourself as “The Solution” instead of “the-one-with-the-problem” – you’ll begin to feel yourself healing yourself.

Add to that your new ability to call on your RRRCT sisters for free, lifelong “buddy coaching” – and you have double the reason to not only “learn” to be a coach – but to jump with open arms into the cuddly, no-strain way RRRCT helps you completely set yourself up AS a professional coach.

The whole process of RRRCT builds your confidence, fades out your judgments about yourself and your abilities – and sends you out into the world equipped to be successful, forever wrapped in the night-and-day hugs of the entire RRRCT sisterhood, and mentored with the feeling of always being under my wing.

If you’re concerned about the cost of RRRCT Training, we have great, doable payment plans – AND more important:

The reason for us to talk to each other personally is to make sure that, not only are you and I a good match, but that I believe in your ability to “do” this! To become an honest-to-goodness successful professional coach. If I do not believe you’re going to make your investment back, quickly, I won’t accept you.

If you’re concerned about your ability to get up in the morning and do the work required to create, maintain and propel your own business, THAT’S what we can talk about. I’ll share with you how the “Business Siren Protocols” make all the difference, and how YOU can, uniquely, and not in the standard, masculine way, get going professionally. And how I’m there for you every step of the way.

If you’re concerned about how to transition from a job or business you have now – we can talk about that and lay out a plan for you.

If you’re concerned about your abilities to be a good coach, based on your own life circumstance, or how you may instinctively, like all of us women, be “putting yourself down” – RRRCT takes care of that. Really.

Self-sabotage, the “Fraud Syndrome” –  all of that is built into the program for us to fix.

We ALL have that going on. If you didn’t – you’d ALREADY be doing exactly what you want!

RRRCT is your chance to get not only the technical training to coach skillfully with great results – but the emotional backup everyone needs! You’re begining a new chapter in your life! Everything’s going to change! And RRRCT, the Master Coach Teachers and I are here for you, non-stop for 22 weeks, to help you navigate every part of this journey.

If you’re concerned about the class and study time you’ll need to commit to RRRCT – let’s talk about that personally. Because RRRCT is a completely custom designed experience, we can work it so you get the training in the most convenient and least stressful way possible.

You likely have many more personal concerns about embarking on something so life-changing.

So – if you’d like to talk with me about your dreams and your concerns, and learning more about the costs and logistics of RRRCT is important for you, first, just go here and then fill out the “contact form” ->


I’m devoting this week and next to talking with RRRCT applicants, and to working intensely with new RRRCTers (you, perhaps?) to get their businesses up fast, now, before class even starts for you!

Love, Rori


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