What Is a Siren? And Why Are You Already One?

Here’s the written transcript of the video:

Why You’re Already An Awesome Siren: 

Hi, this is Rori Raye, and this is a series about what a Siren is.

Why do I call you the Original Siren?

Why do I talk about desire?

Why do I talk about emotions and the emotional powerhouse and everything that I consider to be feminine energy … organic, natural, original, the thing that makes us women so incredibly powerful.

It’s a power beyond thought.

We women have not been acknowledged for our feminine power since the beginning of civilization.

So – We learned to keep trying to act like men in order to succeed in the world.

I’m here to talk about doing it the other way around.

Instead of mimicking men, to always come from our feminine energy.

Let’s tap into our Siren souls all the time ..

…and see how that works for us in work and power and politics, in daily life, in a remodel situation, in art, and in a highly intellectual or technical pursuit.

Being led by your emotions is actually the way to go, instead of being led by your head and filtering down commands that ignore your feelings.

That’s what we’re all about.

The Siren concept is a re-imagining of the legend of Odysseus.

He heard the Siren call — and the Sirens are monsters in his myth.

They can fly, they can swim, and they hate men and wish to destroy them.

Men’s fear in Odysseus’ myth  is that the Sirens’ song would lure sailors in and then the sailors’ ships would be dashed on the rocks where the Sirens lived.

So – I re-imagined that whole legend:

In my version, the Sirens are so magnificent, so happy and playful on the Island that they feel wonderful and sing with such joy that all of mankind and womankind is drawn to them.

And … instead of getting killed on the Island, men receive love.

Everybody winds up happily ever after.

The concept I kept is the drawing in, the undeniable magnetism.

The Sirens aren’t going out.

Sirens don’t leave their island.

They don’t drive people in, or chase.

Sirens provide the emotional content of a relationship.

You are a Siren because you’re a woman.

I adopted this term because I love the concept of the pull of the song.

You already have that pull inside you.

We have all been taught to do the opposite, to think, to chase, to succeed in this world like men.

But that is what this whole Siren’s story is precisely not about.

As a Siren, you’re the one being chased; you’re the marker of success.

On Siren Island, you can by coached, live, in writing on the private Siren Island Facebook group, by Rori Raye trained coaches using the Rori Raye Method™ of coaching….

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I wanted a platform where all of my RRRCT (Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training) graduating students could gain more experience working with women in different situations.

And, it’s at a very low rate for you so that you can experiment with different coaches and see what the Rori Raye Method™ is all about.

The Rori Raye Method™ of coaching is something completely different from, yes, I’m going to say it, anything you’ve seen out there!

It is dramatic and theatrical.

It involves role playing to the max, as well as intuitive and artistic growth.

It’s completely non judgmental.

The signature feature of a Rori Raye coach is no judgment.

Your coach may be bold, saying, “…should we be bold about this situation?…”

But you, she treasures.

I treasure you.

I honor every move and thought that you create.


Because you are you.

If you’re being led by a mind that was instilled with masculine perspective … well, that’s all of us.

We want to help you begin to live your life from an inner, organic, completely chaotic place, to fall in love with that chaos because that is the feminine beginning of the entire universe: chaos.

Totally feminine concept.

So that is what we’re about.

When you’re on Siren Island…

…you will be coached by paid, professional, high end coaches who are in Siren School because we’re working as a community to change the world.

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I am supporting them in their careers, and they are helping you.

It’s all in writing on the Facebook group.

I hope to see you on the Island!

Love, Rori

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