What To Do When Everything Turns Cranky In CoronaTimes – Video!

So many people are suffering so tremendously here in Coronatimes.

Close quarters, non-stop, with someone who’s having a rough time at work, or with no work at all…

…with someone who doesn’t have communcation skills, or a strong sense of comfort with his turbulent emotions, or a deep ability to love – no matter what…

…with someone who doesn’t even WANT to learn the skils that will solidify love and relationship…

…with someone who’s angry, and brings out the powerful, righteous rage inside YOU…

If this is happening to you and a man you love – Siren Circle Private Coaching Program is here for you->

Sometimes, all it takes is a few private sessions with a coach who knows her stuff – and who gets YOU and what you’re going through – to turn almost anything around.

Stress is everywhere right now, and sometimes it’s hard to tell when it grows stronger than your belief in yourself.

If you feel like you’re beginning to topple over, weighed down by stress, other people’s needs and emotions, and the instinct so many of us have to ignore our own needs and emotions – I’m here for you.

Even awful circumstances and seemingly hopeless situations can be the beginnings of a fresh start.

(he follow up to this video is the “How To Use A Chair To Bring Him Closer” video – this one you’ve just watched explains the “Push/Pull” way that energy works in relationships, and sets you up to use the Chair!->

Love, Rori

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