When You Feel Fooled – Yet Still WANT Him! 

How many times have you loved a man who didn’t deserve it?

And you didn’t care….because you really, really LOVED him?

How many times have you “bought” a man’s excuse for ANYTHING, and then felt wretched and icky afterwards?

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How many times have you discovered later that what you suspected was true?

* That he had his eye on another woman? That he was actually touching another woman?

* That he had plans that didn’t include you for next weekend, or for his life?

* That his “confusion” over committing to you was just him stalling because he “wasn’t feeling it?”

* That his background was worse than he shared with you.

* That he’s lied to you.

* That he’s lied to other people.

* That he just can’t seem to make you even a close “second” to himself?

* That he’s a nice guy who is – of course – so happy with what a great woman you are! – simply “stringing you along” without even thinking about it?

* That he’s actually mean?

* That he isn’t hearing what you say, or understanding what you need – at all – and truly doesn’t even CARE?

*Or, that he cares – but just doesn’t care “enough” to move out of his comfort zone and be a real partner for you?

If this is just now getting uncovered and discovered by you – and you’re feeling all kinds of intense feelings…

…I just want to send you love.

I can’t think of a woman I’ve ever met or known who hasn’t had an experience like this.

It makes us feel foolish – and yet, if you can allow yourself the luxury of allowing this experience to “happen” – this way, you’ll be able to recognize it when it shows up again.

And that’s the important thing – to not have to re-learn it all by going through it again.

Now you’ll be able to recognize the feelings you feel, the actions a man makes, what he says, you’ll begin to put the pieces together easier.

NOW – the trick is to not WANT this experience again!

Not even “subconsciously”!

We ALL are geared to gravitate to different kinds of hurtful experiences, depending on what we experienced as “love” and “safety” throughout our lives.

You don’t have to go back into your childhood and dredge up old memories in order to “fix” all of this!

And you don’t have to “leave” a man, either – not if he’s “fixable” – and “regular” men most often ARE “fixable”!

When I say that a man is “fixable” – I mean that you can FIX the SITUATION you’re in, and that he will simply and absolutely FOLLOW the “fix”!

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Please believe me when I say you CAN have a romantic, soul satisfying, juicy, supportive, exciting, solid, loving, emotionally intimate relationship with a man who knows how to be your partner – and WANTS to be your partner, forever!

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Love, Rori

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