When You Feel The Need To Fix Something – Do This Instead

When you’re feeling anxious – your body is telling you a lot.

The question to ask yourself is – What am I most afraid of right now?

Often, it feels like sheer survival is in question. Like something is going to completely go south – because you said something or did something that triggered your fear of displeasing somebody…

And – even deeper, it’s different for everyone.

Are you afraid that you DID say the “truth” – or that you didn’t?

Are you feeling guilty, terrified of consequences – or, are you just afraid that you’ve finally let the cat out of the bag, and finally spoke up about what you truly feel and what you need?

Nearly everything is fixable!

Nearly everything is going to be “smoothed over” – but nearly everything IS “solveable”!

The secret is in simply NOT doing the “fix” immediately, and, instead, settling back into what you REALLY feel, what you REALLY want, and how you might truly EXPRESS that in a way a man (or a boss, or a friend or a child) can hear and respond enthusiastically to!

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Love, Rori

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