When You Have Options For “Play”

I tell myself I have trouble with “lazy days”…

…when actually, the “trouble” happens when my brain all of a sudden gets into a war with my creative self that just wants to “play”!

The thing is, what my overflowing creative self wants to play with is not always what my brain THINKS is “play.”

Chores enter my brain (cleaning, anyone?) as “not play,” and yet, my creative self sees standing in the shower rubbing the glass doors with baking soda, dish soap and a dobie pad as “fun.”

It does not see cleaning dishes or the sink as fun, however… so… my brain works overtime trying to figure all this out.

I’m kinda an “Eat when hungry, sleep when tired…” girl, and I can find myself resenting decisions like: “…well….what should I do?…. paint, eat, watch silly TV show, read non-important fantasy book, catch up on news, look at my email, write something, video something, post something, lay on the floor, do exercises, walk the dog (again!), clean the floor over there…”

So – I don’t try to solve this.

I just, literally, follow where my body’s veering, tune into whether my energy feels heavy or light, what exactly I feel when I head towards anything…what happens if I STOP doing something I “said” I’d do or START doing something out of the blue….

And – if you’re struggling with any of this, I’m with you.

Here’s my vote (it’s what I do when I feel the “war” beginning) for your next move when it starts to happen:

Just stand or sit still for a moment.

Catch the impulse.

Track where it’s coming from in your body and how it feels.

Go make a LIST if that feels good, of all available and necessary or unnecessary, productive or non-productive (to your brain) options – and then see what your heart and body do when you read off each entry!

Let me know what you’re finding yourself “up to”!

Love, Rori


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