Where Do You Feel Emotionally Safe?

It’s so easy to feel unsafe – emotionally, physically, and every other way.

It’s easy to feel weak, delicate, and easily thrown off balance.

Sometimes, we only discover how strong we are, in every way, when we’re up against something deeply unpleasant…and sometimes we’re thrown up against something we never saw coming.

And often, what we’re thrown up against is something we never saw coming, or believed could come – and that’s something we’ve said we’ve wanted forever, cried over when it wasn’t there, and chased incessantly. The good stuff.

Most of us are content with “small,” because that feels safe. Big feels not safe.

Love – the IDEA of love – feels like the safest thing in the world, until we have it. Then it can feel terrifying.

For now, let’s focus on the small moments.

Try locating the feelings you’re experiencing, as you’re experiencing them – and using your own creativity with the instructions in this video to see a major shift in what you do when you feel “not safe.”

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Love, Rori

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