Why His Freezing Cold Is Making You Feel Even Hotter For Him!

It’s classic: The harder he is to “crack-open,” the more he resists, the less available he is, the colder he is – the more we’re attracted to him. Why? Because we’re all trained that way.

Because we’re all used to experiencing “running away” from emotional intimacy.

We all want to feel intensely – to love, to desire, to feel those tingles so thoroughly for a man that we’re willing to feel the thumps and bumps, too. It doesn’t have to be this way for you!

The trick is to “practice” something different: To practice getting closer emotionally, physically, and every other way, to men who are even WARMER than you are!

And, yes, I know – that’s always the least attractive thing about a man to most of us.

We can talk about self-love, and how that’ll help you attract and feel more interested in a man who’s hot for you and acts like it – yet, it’s still all about practicing allowing a man to get close, baby-step-by-baby-step.

Hi, this is Rori Raye, and it is so freezing cold outside that I couldn’t even stand there to do this video.

I couldn’t talk out there, so I came in here to tell you what I was feeling … 

It’s a gorgeous day: blue skies, big, fluffy clouds, no wind.

It feels like a spring day.

It’s bright!

The sun is out and yet it is freezing; it’s like 15 degrees.

So, when you step out, all of a sudden, your skin feels like it stings.

Have you ever been interested in a man like this? … A man who is gorgeous and beautiful and sweet …

Look, the sun just came out again … and yet cold, cold inside, cold to you.

He’s a man who creates a cold atmosphere in which you don’t feel loved, you don’t feel cared for.

You never know what’s happening, and yet, he still looks good.

He still does things; he still kind of keeps going with you; he doesn’t seem irresponsible; he doesn’t seem to have another woman, and yet …

He’s creating this atmosphere in which you feel like you are always chasing him.

This is the way women have been trained.

It’s the “hard-to-get” thing: when a man is turning you on not because he’s doing anything special but because he seems hard to get, like a hard nut to crack, like you want to solve his puzzle.

You want to heal him; you want to get close; you want to open him up.

You want to be the only woman who ever really got to his heart.

If that’s happening to you over and over again, you should know that overcoming this is what we work on every day on Siren Island.

I mean, we are constantly working with this old paradigm that tells us that intimacy is so terrifying that the only way to have a relationship you can feel comfortable in is with a man who can’t do it, who’s unavailable, or who’s just cold inside.

He doesn’t know how to give to you or to love, and he is not interested in being trained.

That is the experience that we are taught to admire, to want, and that’s the experience that we believe builds chemistry for us with a man.

It makes us want him because, all of a sudden, we have all this freedom to want him and to feel desire and to feel yearning in our hearts because he is the one keeping a safe distance.

So, the way we work on this on Siren Island is, yes, circular dating … because Circular Dating is practice.

Even if you’re not dating, it’s just the practice of being with men who are warm, who are not hard to get.

By being with men whom you would normally not be interested in, you’re getting used to the connection that happens when a man is available.

When you get used to it, you start to learn how to feel interested in that, how to let go a little bit.

You learn how to melt, relax, and, all of a sudden, you start to get turned on, the chemistry starts to kick in for you because that’s what happens when you’re able to open up in ways that you probably aren’t aware of right now.

It’s all subconscious for us, all inside our heads and our training, our sort of inner computer.

Once you start to feel that opening happening, you will be less interested in men who are cold and blocked, less interested in the puzzle, because you’re more interested in what you get when a man with full feeling comes toward you.

On Siren Island private Facebook group, Rori Raye coaches and I take you by the hand and help you practice, every day, personally – using your unique situation, your unique personality, the men and circumstances you’re around, and all the modern Siren Tools to get you fast results.

Love, Rori


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