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This is Rori Raye and Zeke, my dog, sitting here.

I have an idea I want to share with you.

I’m going to be doing a webinar very soon because that’s the only way I can fully express these ideas that are coming up for me about being a business siren.

If you have the Business Siren’s Handbook, you have an explanation how to let the feminine energy protocols run your life, your love life and your work life.

If you don’t have The Handbook yet, you’ll find it here: 

At work, we tend to move into masculine energy, bring order to everything.

That is the complete opposite of what you want to do to be truly successful.

You want to be immersed in feminine energy.

So, what does that look like in the workplace?

It’s something you have to get used to.

I had to learn how to roll with it, because it all has to do with something I call chaos.

Chaos, for me, is the origin of feminine energy, the origin of the universe.

In chaos, things are seemingly random and out of your reach.

The difference between the way masculine energy functions and the way feminine energy functions all has to do with the response to chaos.

For most people, the concept of chaos connects with overwhelm, right?

All these pieces floating around that are out of your reach.

You can’t grasp or hold on to so many things.

It feels like thoughts are dropping like marbles out of your head.

It always feels like you’re putting out fires.

You have an idea, something creative, and then, all of a sudden, the baby needs you, or you have to cook something, or a client calls, or something takes precedence, pushing all of your ideas into the background.

You feel like you never get anything done.

This is where the Business Siren protocols and methodology come into play.

The “how to” in the handbook really shows you the evolutionary to do list: the concept that everything is evolutionary, that your chaos is an evolving inspiration, that it has so much to offer, that it feels like too much, but, when you get used to it, you can embrace it and actually hold the space for everything that chaos is offering you.

You can make sense of it through your feminine energy and the big word: desire.

Masculine energy responds to chaos by trying to make order of it, trying to grasp everything.

It shows itself when guys tell you what to do and try to fix problems and give you advice.

Even your women friends sometimes respond in masculine energy.

Masculine energy tries to make order out of chaos.

Feminine energy is embracing chaos, inspiration, ideas, creativity, letting them get bigger and bigger and bigger with your own energy, touching all the chaos, enjoying it, experiencing it, getting all of the life from it, even if you have to focus on something else while all the chaos is floating around.

Feminine energy lets you simply radiate so much desire from inside of you, focusing on what you want, that the pieces of the chaos that will serve you begin to come toward you.

They began to gather.

That’s a big word: gather.

I’m going to do a webinar about how to experience feminine energy gathering.

I’ll add this to the Business Siren pantheon and teach you what I do.

We’ll use bubble charts and spreadsheets as ways to gather all of the chaos, all of the ideas, into a space where you can see everything at once.

It’s not about stamping order onto it; it’s about creating a space where the chaos can live and rest and morph and serve you because you can see it.

It’s a very different way of seeing.

Gathering is not looking for homeostasis, for static order; it’s looking for a dynamic whole, where things are always moving and evolving.

You can see it and touch it and gather it in a way that makes it possible for you to feel like you’re expressing yourself.

Your desire is actually touching the world.

Things are actually coming towards you, and you are able to receive them

Big concept.

Take a look at The Business Siren’s Handbook here->

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