You Don’t Have To “Suit Up” Like A Man Just To Get Through Your Day – Here’s How I Do It:

How Daily Chores, Errands, Obligations, Duty and “Work” Work For Me:

I get up in the morning when I feel like it – usually around 8 – or when my dog Zeke nudges me. I let Zeke out in the backyard so I can have a minute to get ready for our walk.

Getting ready looks like:

…eat or drink something – (I keep experimenting with that – drink water, drink powdered bone broth, a bite of leftovers – something to keep my blood sugar stable and re-hydrate from the night),

…stretch a bit, squeeze my gluts to activate them,

…bundle up if it’s cold, hats and sunglasses if it’s hot,

…check my email and Voxer messages on my phone – and either answer some quickly, or mark them for later,

…let Zeke back in, harness him up, and walk out into the day!

We come back. I feed him. While he’s eating, I lay down on the floor next to the kitchen, do 10 minutes of bicep and tricep “work” with my 3 lb dumbbells, do side leg lifts and “clams” for my glut medius, “dead bug” for my lower abs, move around on a trigger point ball to release my scoliosis-tightened muscles, and then feed myself.

And, sometimes I don’t do anything but feed myself…

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And on with my day, Siren style: I eat sitting at a little table near my window wall where I cn watch the trees in my yard sway and glimmer, with my kindle in front of me, so I’ll eat slowly (instead of always standing at the kitchen counter gobbling it down, which is my instinct). (My husband is almost always out, at a meeting or breakfast – and here’s where my workaholic nature, combined with my resistance to “work” gets softened):

I use all that time and activities listed above to practice being present, feeling in my body and not twirling around in my head.


I can do a million things called “work.” I can do another bunch of things called “errands.”  I can do all kinds of things called “maintaining friendship” and “doing household paperwork…”

Sometimes I have a client appointment, or a meeting over Zoom with a prospective new coach (by the way, RRRCT 2019 is enrolling now for Summer/Fall, in case you feel moved to become a coach yourself!).

Sometimes there’s nothing on the schedule at all (I try to keep it clear).

I wander over to Zeke and pet him, and catch a glimpse of my computer. I feel like checking something. I check my email (I’m standing at my standing desk – because I haven’t committed to anything).

And, before I know it, I’m writing on Siren Island, I’m writing out thoughts I had this morning from what I recorded in my phone as I was walking Zeke and emailed to myself into my blog, I’m putting up a Facebook post that leads to the blog, I’m looking at LinkedIn, I’m starting to get ideas.

And this is how I go all day, why I eat so many times during the day, stop and mull and percolate and walk outside and sit and sometimes turn on my phone camera or my full video set up – it’s a mish-mash.

So – if it’s a “mish-mash” – how can that work in an orderly way?

It doesn’t!!!! and that’s the secret.

Order is WAY overrated.

I GATHER. I gather pieces, bits, ideas, I put everything in writing, and, like magic, it comes together.

This, for me is creativity at its finest.

You may have struggled and worked hard to figure something out that may just simply “show up” fast, when it’s ready. And then wondered what all the struggling was for.  Did it help?  Did it just make you crazy?

The Business Siren Mastermind is for ALL women who “work.”

And we all work.

You may have a “job” you like, love, or wish you didn’t have to go to.
You might have your own business, where you either go to your office – or work in your pajamas from your bed.

In the Business Siren Mastermind – you’ll not only get help with the “work” part of your life (from how to WANT to get up in the morning, how to WANT to do something that both feels good and creates profits for you or your boss, and how to get it done ALL from your feminine energy, in any field of business)…

…you’ll learn how to have the romance and love life you want, right alongside your success at work.

The truth for us women is this: In the presence of men (whether you “work” in an office or at home, and no matter WHO you work “for”- even yourself!) – we’ve been taught to instinctively be “compliant.” To never “rock” any boat. And why?

Because, then, we’ve been told: we won’t be seen as attractive!

We’ve all been taught to believe that if we’re powerful and successful, we cannot be loved.

So – we can easily feel confused about what we’re doing, and thrown off our natural desires and follow-through!

This is very hard to go against out in the real world – no matter how strongly we feel about ourselves, our mission on this planet, our wants.

It takes practice. It takes step-by-baby-step to create power through vulnerability (yes!) to begin to feel comfortable feeling powerful and yet completely open and vulnerable.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your work – the Dream stage, the Frustration stage, the Building and Growing stage… Business Siren Mastermind is a career and business-building, life and love-softening “How to live, work and be loved like a girl – and still get stuff done…” experience. Every week you’ll have access to a Mastermind session with Michelle Manley, and 24/7 in the Facebook group with Mariah Grey and me.

And, every month, I’ll visit a Mastermind session for your questions.

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Business Siren Mastermind is PERFECT!  I LOVE the format.  You sending me something to read each week and keeping me focused on ‘getting something (baby step) done.’  I feel accountable to you, but without pressure. It’s a great combination for me.

Combining Business and Love is perfect too.  I find it fascinating how they overlap, and I’m getting more out of it because we talk about both – and I get to see you coach both.  I can’t think of anything I’d recommend for you to do differently!

I can’t imagine having a better teacher than you, Michelle, to get me going on my website, my dating, my business – I’ve been thinking about it for years and am FINALLY doing it!

…Anne Marie

Can’t wait to talk with you and perhaps work with you in the Siren Mastermind.

Love, Rori

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