Your Siren Island Cancellation

Hi, this is Rori, and I wanted you to know your Siren Island cancellation went throughand though I’m sorry to see you go from Siren Island, I hope you got at least some of what you most needed from me and the Siren Island coaches. 

If you’d like more help and coachingand perhaps want more than working in writing on Siren Island and Facebook can give you, please write me, and let me know what you need.

I usually respond very quickly, from any contact form on CoachRori, and if I can’t, my assistant, Melanie, will get to you first with her help.

Although I won’t be able to coach you personally through email, I’ll be able to pinpoint what’s going on for you in your unique situation and recommend a specific Rori Raye Coach or The Siren Circle Private Coaching Program – where you’ll get tremendous personal and private coaching – including voice messaging support and coaching – from great Siren School coaches.


In case you don’t feel ready to commit to any kind of live coaching right now, perhaps The Business Siren ‘s Handbook will lift you up!

– The Handbook isn’t about “how to do business,” it’s about how to live your entire life, all the everyday, all the hours you do spend at work or thinking about work and money – from your feminine energy.

For me, The Handbook is one of the things I’m most proud of, and I believe you’ll get a lot from it:

You Don’t Have To Settle!

Love doesn’t have to take a backseat to your work…

…and your work doesn’t have to be put on hold for love.

You Can Have It All.

In The Business Siren’s Handbook, you’ll get Tool after Tool for changing the way you think about “Having It All” and find yourself actually believing you CAN Have It All!

It’s a guide to stop the heavy thinking, heavy lifting, and heavy emotions that come with what we consider to be impossible choices.

The “Old Feminism” of my generation convinced us that all of life, for a woman, is “either/or.”

Business Siren is here to tell you there’s another way – the “Either AND” way…where choices are made by the moment, and nothing is ever wasted.

Choosing has always represented “sacrifice” to most of us women – and Business Siren will change all that for you.

You Rock!

Welcome to the Business Siren world – where you work, live, get HUGE, make money, get happy, and feel loved – all at the same time, and all from your inner “girl.”

The Business Siren world is a land where inspiration is no longer a “dead end.” Where experiencing yourself as a “dreamer” does not make you “actionless.” Where “coming from your feminine” no longer means you sit where you’re told to sit and stay as small as your old “comfort” rules allow.

A Business Siren can Have It All, because she can encompass it all. She can “hold” it all. She can experience it all – all emotions included – and not only live to tell the tale, but expand into a new place her dreams may not have even told her about.

It’s not about “balance.”

It’s about Expanding – and about learning to “Fall In Love” with everything that comes with Expansion. With everything that shows up when you begin going bigger in all facets of your life.

Being A Business Siren – no matter what your “job” or “career” is – looks like this:

The sound of your own heartstrings, the feel of your own inner fire, the sense of your own intuition, the experience of your own emotions becomes your compass in this world.

No matter how vague or dreamy the sound, feel, sense, experience of you seems at any one moment – you learn to hear it, feel it, experience it, follow it.

And most important, you learn to trust it.

You learn to trust you.

Get ready! You’re on the move!

To get your copy of The Business Siren’s Handbook for only $19.97 – use this form->

Love, Rori